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Reported Arrangement in Bill Gates' Marriage Would Be a Red Flag to Many Christian Couples
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
That's a pretty bizarre arrangement. Read more…
Watch: Biden Stumbles, Struggles to Speak for 41 Seconds Straight
Posted by Grant Atkinson
What was he even trying to say? This is just the latest example of Biden's verbal struggles. Read more…
All Police Officers Are Getting a Big Bonus After DeSantis' Announcement
Posted by Landon Mion
The Florida governor announced he will sign a budget that includes the provision. Read more…
Iran Targets US in Disturbing New Video
Posted by Andrew Jose
The video comes as the Biden administration negotiates with Iran about a possible return to the nuclear deal struck under Obama. Read more…
Gunman Lures Officers to His Home, What Happens Next Is Horrific
Posted by Taylor Penley
Officers responded to a 'setup' 911 call. Read more…
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