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Gunman Lures Officers to His Home, What Happens Next Is Horrific
Posted by Taylor Penley
Officers responded to a 'setup' 911 call. Read more…
Alert: Experts Warn Biden's Child Care Plan Will Have Disastrous Consequences
Posted by Samantha Chang
The subsidy is part of Biden's enormous spending plan. Read more…
Legislature Passes Ban on Teaching 'Toxic' Leftist Theory in Schools
Posted by Dillon Burroughs
Tennessee schools won't be allowed to go woke if the governor signs this bill. Read more…
Local Officials Irate with Biden Admin After Numerous COVID-Positive Illegals Arrive from Border
Posted by Erin Coates
A local official called the move 'incredibly irresponsible.' Read more…
Freak Accident Causes Walls to Come Crashing in Around Sleeping Occupant of Mobile Home
Posted by Amanda Thomason
'I’m not exactly religious, but I really believe there's no other explanation. You saw the trailer. How can someone walk out of that without a scratch?' Read more…
Reported Arrangement in Bill Gates' Marriage Would Be a Red Flag to Many Christian Couples
Posted by Elizabeth Stauffer
That's a pretty bizarre arrangement. Read more…
Breaking: Trump Launches His Social Media Replacement Site, Instant Nightmare for Twitter
Posted by Jack Davis
Followers of Trump can now share his comments on all platforms. Read more…
DeSantis Makes Move for Cops That Will Drive Libs Insane
Posted by Christine Favocci
DeSantis is giving a bonus to over 174,000 first responders. Read more…
Iran Targets US in Disturbing New Video
Posted by Andrew Jose
The video comes as the Biden administration negotiates with Iran about a possible return to the nuclear deal struck under Obama. Read more…
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