Saving Our Future

DeSantis Makes Move for Cops That Will Drive Libs Insane
Posted by Christine Favocci
DeSantis is giving a bonus to over 174,000 first responders. Read more…
Warning: Biden Nom Could Be Constitutional Nightmare for Gun Owners
Posted by Grant Atkinson
Biden hasn't been shy about his gun agenda. Read more…
Elise Stefanik Goes Off on Nancy Pelosi Over 'Sexist' Hypocrisy
Posted by Dillon Burroughs
'A sick sexist smear from Pelosi who will lose her gavel in 551 days,' Stefanik tweeted. Read more…
Fairness Flies Out the Window as Olympics Allows Transgender Competitor
Posted by Jack Davis
Hubbard, who competed against men less than 10 years ago, will likely compete in the female division. Read more…
Watch: Joe Biden Verbally Struggles to Answer Basic Question
Posted by C. Douglas Golden
Joe Biden can't even answer basic questions without struggling. Read more…
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