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Officer Gifts Leash and Toy to Three Boys After He Sees Them Walking New Puppy with Rope

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People join law enforcement for a variety of reasons, but one of the most noble is because they want to serve their communities and really make their neighborhoods safer, more connected places to live.

Police Officer Nicholas Shuler is, by all appearances, one of those people.

Schuler takes time out of his schedule to connect with the community he works for in low-pressure, high-fun sorts of ways. The Albany Police Department recently used him as an example in an online hiring notice.

“Here, Police Officer Nicholas Schuler stopped to play basketball with some kids last year near Lincoln Square,” the department wrote.

“Officer Schuler is very active with our city’s youth and helps mentor at Albany Police Athletic League, Inc. and is an advisor in the Albany Police Explorers.”

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Last week, Schuler came across a scene he couldn’t help but get involved in while he was on the job. He saw an opportunity to connect with some of the local kids and forge a positive bond, and he took it.

The police department posted about the meeting the following evening.

“This afternoon, Police Officer Nicholas Schuler was out on patrol in West Hill when he met these three boys and this adorable new puppy they were walking,” the post from April 9 began.

“Officer Schuler, a dog lover himself, stopped to hang out with the boys and the puppy for a little bit. The four had a great dialogue, learned a lot about each other, including that one of the boys is already taking up comedy and has a Youtube channel to broadcast his jokes.”

Beyond just a friendly chat, Schuler identified a way he could help out the kids and their four-legged friend and lost no time carrying out his plan.

“Noticing that the boys were walking the puppy only with a piece of rope, he went to the store quickly and returned with a new collar, new leash, and of course, a toy for the puppy,” the post continued.

“The boys were appreciative that Officer Schuler not only took the time to hang out with them, but that he cared about the puppy and got them some new things.

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“Interactions like this are impactful. There’s no doubt that these boys will remember Officer Schuler the next time he’s cruising through to say hello.”

Because of Schuler’s actions, there are at least three kids — and one puppy — whose Friday got a little brighter.

As anyone involved with law enforcement will tell you, these kinds of interactions happen all the time without notice or posts — as they should. But it’s a nice reminder in a world so divided to have these stories shared publicly where people can appreciate and emulate them.

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